If you spend any time in r/EscapefromTarkov or watching EFT on Twitch, you have likely heard or seen “Divide My Cheeks!” thrown around. This phrase is quickly becoming one of the most popular memes and terms in the EFT community.

So where the heck did it come from? Next time you are fighting a SCAV, keep an ear out for the infamous scav3.


Many individuals have pointed out that SCAVs speak a very unique dialect of Russian with lots of slang. Recently on Reddit, u/candleboy_ pointed out that SCAV language is similar to prison slang which can hold many different meanings. In fact, even Skier speaks like this indicating he has been to prison which is a nice nugget of background that is lost in translation.

This makes translation to English tough, but Pworty on Youtube has translated it roughly to “Come on, get ’em!” So, not quite as entertaining as DIVIDE MY CHEEKS!

Escape from Tarkov has some awesome voice acting and hopefully we start to see more and more translations so more people can enjoy the hidden gems in callouts and more. In the meantime, we can keep pretending scav3 is telling us to divide his cheeks.

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