About TarkovHQ

Hey fellow Tarkovians, I’m Daniel aka Kolbafett and I am the main contributor here on TarkovHQ. I wanted to start this site as a way to compile all the information out there around Escape from Tarkov to help everyone from hatchlings to Tarkov veterans. At the moment, I am focusing heavily on map guides, extractions, and overall gameplay to help hatchlings because, well, I am one. Although I have been watching EFT for about a year now on Twitch, I only recently got a PC to play and am escaping myself now too.

So, as I learn the game, I want to share my knowledge with others as well as share some of my favorite resources along the way. My goal is to never steal content or information from anyone so if you see something here that you saw somewhere else and it is not cited, please let me know. Along with that, if you want more information on something or you want your art, guide, or heck, even a meme featured just get in touch.

On top of useful information about EFT like guides, maps, game updates, and other news, I want to feature awesome creations by the community. Tarkov can be a beautiful place and it inspires some awesome artwork. So, I have started compiling some of the best EFT wallpapers I have found so far. If you have any that you would like me to add, feel free to shoot me a message.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through Tarkov, happy escaping friends.

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