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eft desktop wallpapers


Here are some of the best Escape from Tarkov gameplay wallpapers if you are looking for desktop wallpapers. They vary from screenshots, stills, and fan-art in the same art style as the game. Simply click into a photo to get the full-sized Escape from Tarkov HD wallpapers. We do our best to credit creators and artists for their wallpapers, if you see something that needs changed, let us know.

Fan Art

Check out some amazing art work from fans of Escape from Tarkov perfect for a desktop wallpaper. These are specifically EFT fan-art wallpapers that are in a different art style than the game itself. Give your favorite a click to see who the artist is and download the image.

EFT Mobile Wallpapers

As Escape from Tarkov is a Windows PC game, there are few quality dedicated phone wallpapers. Here are some of the best EFT Wallpapers for phones.