Escape from Tarkov Maps

Map of Tarkov

Each EFT Map has its own characteristics, match styles, and bosses. To get the most out of each match, it is essential to have a good understanding of what you will be getting into each time you load up Customs or The Lab. There is no “starter” or “beginner” maps although some cater towards different players in their own way.

Currently there are seven different maps available for players: Customs, Factory, Interchange, Reserve, Shoreline, The Lab, and Woods. There are also multiple other maps that are in the works which will be released at some point in the future. At the moment, the next map that will be released is Town which will feature large outdoor areas, great for recreation if you are into that sort of thing.

Keep in mind that the game is still in beta and you may find bugs on any one of the current maps. Once the game launches, all of the maps will be playable and there should not be many bugs in the game.

The true industrial neighborhood of Tarkov, Customs is home to warehouses, storage containers, bridges (stay away Pewdiepie), construction areas, two dorms, and gas stations. Matches in Customs last for 50 minutes with 6-12 players as well as SCAVS and one of the four bosses in EFT the “Dealmaker,” Reshala. Customs is a medium sized map and features 22 total extraction points, 3 of them can be used by any faction, 5 can only be used by PMCs, and the remaining 14 extraction points are for SCAVs only.


If you are hungry for fast paced, close quarters combat, EFT Factory map is the one. This small, indoor map features overhead walkways, tunnels and loads of gunfights. As the smallest map in EFT so far, Factory allows for 4-6 players and match time of 30 minutes. Because of its close quarters, this is a great map to load in with simply a hatchet or knife, get in, grab some loot, ambush a distracted player and extract. There are only 5 extraction points (2 for all, 2 for SCAVs only, and 1 for PMCs only) so be sure you know where you are and where you need to be.


One of the largest maps in EFT, Interchange is home to IDEA, the major provider of furniture for Tarkovians. With a match time of 55 minutes, 9-14 players, and Killa (perhaps the most iconic boss in EFT so far), this map has real potential for big loot runs. Loading into Interchange comes with large risk, especially as there are only 3 different extraction points, 2 that can be used by all players and 1 that can only be used by PMCs. Along with that, Killa lives up to his name as he is one of the toughest bosses to kill. Be aware, Killa patrols the first floor of the mall near the elevators.


One of the most unique maps to join Escape from Tarkov is Reserve. This is because a few different things, the most different is the introduction of Raiders. There is a switch players can activate which will release Raiders. Raiders are basically “mega-SCAVs” equipped with much more valuable loot than traditional SCAVs. Along with Raiders, Reserve is home to another EFT Boss, Glukhar and his guards. Matches on Reserve last 50 minutes long with 8-10 players and includes 9 different extraction points.


As the largest map in EFT, Shoreline is a great place for many different strategies. “SCAV Island” north of the town is a hotbed of weapon crates and other valuable loot spots so it is a very popular SCAV run. Matches on Shoreline last 55 minutes with 8-13 players loading in and 12 different extraction points for players to get out with their loot. Many of the PMCs will end up heading toward the Health Resort as this is where some of the most valuable loot can be found. The high value loot comes with its downsides as Health Resort can be a very deadly venture.

The Lab

Terragroup Labs is one of the big mysteries of Tarkov, why was it such a secret, what sort of testing took place here, what happened to all of the experiments? Because of its mystery, The Lab is one of the most difficult maps to play. SCAVs in The Lab are much more powerful and ALL gear that players go in with WILL be lost upon death, insurance does not cover. Therefore, it is essential for players to have a good understanding of the map, the 7 extraction points which all have requirements to use. Keep in mind that whenever someone uses an extraction (besides the Ventilation Shaft and Sewage Conduit), an announcement will ring. Learn these to know when and where you can extract.


Just as you would expect, Woods is a moderately sized forested area with open fields, camps and bunkers. With 6-12 players loading in to each 45 minute match, players need to be wary of long range weapon attacks. Woods is one of the best places to hone your sniper skills in EFT which can be very useful on other maps in the future. Because of the long range nature and the moderate loot, Woods is not great for unequipped runs. Lastly, Woods is home to Shturman, AKA Kojaniy. Shturman is another boss in EFT and he roams Woods with 2 guards and drops a very valuable key.

Lighthouse – UNRELEASED

Streets of Tarkov – UNRELEASED


Terminal – Unreleased

Town – Unreleased