EFT Guides

Unlike many games being created today, Escape from Tarkov does not hold the players hand to get off the ground. Battlestate Games decided to create a hardcore game for hardcore players which forces us to rely on experimentation and an amazing community of Tarkovians. So, in order to help out we are compiling some of the best tips and tricks, full guides, and more to push us all towards extraction. As they say, the rising tide lifts all ships.

EFT Beginners Guide

Did you just buy the game and cannot figure out the difference between a SCAV and a PMC? Did you just buy loads of ammo that doesn’t even fit in any of your weapons? This is for you. Here we walk through everything from your first time loading the game to specific item descriptions and more.

Loot Guides

In the future we will be posting different guides for looting on each of the EFT Maps.

Extraction Guides

Here we will look at different tactics for extracting either as a PMC or a SCAV.